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Yesterday so topical netbooks withdrew into the shadows, and in 2010 it became very fashionable to access the Internet, using tabs - simple keyboardless computers with high-quality touch screens. First tablet, Apple ipad, already in the first days after the start of sales has been bought in the amount of 300,000 shares. Nowadays, almost all the leading manufacturers presented their vision of this new type of gadget. Tablet computers - is the main novelty of 2010.

Tablet computers are also suitable for comfortable work in the Internet for a variety of entertainment, communication in different social networks, viewing high-quality video, listening to music. Buying a tablet computer today, you get one of the best mobile devices, which provides a growing number of users maximum convenience to surf the global Internet. Tablet PC has most of the features of laptop, and with all this running on a single charge much longer than conventional laptops. This property is one of the most important positive sides of the tablet.

We are pleased to offer the web-site ontabs.com, where you can download a large number of applications, widgets, games for android, themes and much more for the tablet is completely free and without registration. In the "News" section, you will be provided the latest information from the manufacturers of mobile gadgets. Subscribe to the newsletter, and you'll always be up to date.

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