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Maze King
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  • Maze King
  • Maze King
  • Maze King
  • Maze King


What does it take to make the game a hit? Beautiful 3D graphics? Traced the locations and characters? Of course, this is important, but in the foreground are not these things. The main difference between a successful game of failure - it's gameplay. The main thing to realize is that you need to modern players, and current gamers need online mode with the possibility of competition with real people. It is a game and made the guys in the studio mobirix. In the game King of the maze (Maze King), in addition to multiplayer, there are other advantages, namely a huge variety of levels and game modes. First, the game will seem easy, but after passing a couple of levels to begin "hardcore": Labyrinth increase tenfold, the light turns off, and you're looking out at random. The main character in the game - it's a ladybug, which to his misfortune has decided that she is smart and able to pass all tests.


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20-08-2014 10:39
Хорошая игра для двоих+ потупить в компании.
Графика немного однообразная.
20-08-2014 10:53
Главное - это геймплей ;)