Color Splash Effect Pro for android на андроид

Color Splash Effect Pro
Rating: +75
Lyrebird Studio
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  • Color Splash Effect Pro
  • Color Splash Effect Pro
  • Color Splash Effect Pro
  • Color Splash Effect Pro


Color Splash Effect Pro - an excellent application for Android, which is just one touch can transform your photo into a masterpiece. Now it is very easy to give a snapshot dramatic depth, repainted it in black and white and highlight some elements of bright color. This effect allows you to pay attention only to certain areas, thereby creating a startling new images. What would make such manipulation, you just need to click on the area you want to recolor. Using two fingers, you can increase the desired area, and work with small details. The application has a set of filters, using that at the very undistinguished photos you can get something unimaginable.

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