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Если Вы являетесь разработчиков данного приложение и считаете что ваши авторские права нарушены - свяжитесь с нами через форму обратной связи. Мы произведем все необходимые действия для удаления приложения из каталога.
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If you are tired of peace policy and empty promises, you should review the outlook on life and take control of the country in their hands. Dictator: Origins - an excellent game that will allow you to fully display leadership qualities, to prevent revolution and come to power as long as possible.
To retain power in the game is not easy, it will have to constantly carry out an audience. Leave your power in a small country or overthrow, will decide the oligarchs, the police and the people.
In one day you can take only one leader of a particular category of people. Police ask Buda, ethereal hanging spa-salon for their wives, the oligarchs - helicopter gunships, the people - military equipment that we could plow the field. Each time taking a decision, it will raise the reputation of one class, and reduce the other. Your task is to make everyone happy, and reputation does not fall below a certain level. Otherwise, wait for the revolution.
Reputation in the game counted crosses. The larger the number, the more loyal, this class is for you. If the number of crosses fell to one, there will be a revolution. But before the system will offer a solution to this problem, which would suit both sides. It will have to fork out good, built for the children of police new school, giving people new machines, and the oligarchs - law. If money is no wiles, get ready to say goodbye to power.
The situation may change radically if one of the classes has more than ten crosses. These people will support you in every way, including financially.
Dictator: The Beginning - a great simulation game in which you need to competently make all the decisions.

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