Dream Garden - Best Girls Game на андроид на андроид

Dream Garden - Best Girls Game
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  • Dream Garden - Best Girls Game
  • Dream Garden - Best Girls Game
  • Dream Garden - Best Girls Game
  • Dream Garden - Best Girls Game


Dream Garden - a little game on Android, designed for children of preschool age. At this time, the children interested in everything, so the studio TutoTOONS presented simulator, in which the child will look after the garden.
A feature of the game was, comprehensive. You find yourself in the yard of a house in which you need to bring back to life fuzzy garden. It will have to work hard.
You have to paint fences, mow the lawn, shrubs dub. All these lessons well diluted creative tasks: to cut the stems of the bouquet or flowers grow. If you are tired, you can head to the veranda, where you will find a puzzle.
Depending on how you perform quality work you will be given the award. 9 levels in the game, try to do the job quickly and efficiently.
The graphics is good enough and good for children. The downside was the lack of Russian-speaking voice. The game is perfect for children who must be distracted.


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