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Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas
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  • Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas
  • Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas
  • Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas
  • Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas


Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas - a great strategy in which you will find the building of ships, naval battles, the improvement and protection of their own island.
It is necessary to warn it's not the old corsairs from the PC, which has long been awaited by many owners of android. This is a completely different game and tёsku completely different.
After starting you will immediately find yourself in the open sea, where you will learn how to fight other ships. All the battles take place step by step, the solution is quite good, but completely kills the dynamics. For most it for strategists, you can set their ships so that those in one turn inflicted maximum damage to the enemy.
Court are different, you will learn all the features of the shipyard where'll be engaged in building and repairing your ships.
The ships will be opened gradually, it will depend on the level of your yard, and that depends on the level of development of your island.
The main currency of the game - rum and gold, in the best traditions of the pirate. To get the gold, you have to build a home for pirates and collect tribute from them. Not to know the lack of rum, build more factories.
Do not forget about the safety of the island, so you should put a few ships that will protect it. After all, while you are away, the other players can easily attack your refuge. Most of the time you'll spend at sea, battling enemies and gaining experience.
The graphics in this game is excellent, 3D picture is bright enough, all the details are well drawn. Animation course is weak, then you can not call it a disadvantage.
Corsairs: Thunderstorm Seas - a game that is related to the strategy genre, but more like a farm online.


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