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Timelines: Assault on America
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  • Timelines: Assault on America
  • Timelines: Assault on America
  • Timelines: Assault on America
  • Timelines: Assault on America


Timelines: Assault on America - an exciting strategy that will fight against the Germans.
The game is dedicated to World War II, however, here we offer not a classic version of the story. This time Germany invaded America. Fight to be on an entirely new terrain with old enemies. Not a bad idea that will surprise gamers seen a more than one hundred strategies on Android.
The entire game is divided into various missions with a variety of tasks like, destroy the enemy battalion to seize some territory and so on. Will begin with the construction of the base, available buildings is a bit among them barracks, military factories, radar and generators. Technology more affordable, you will have access not only tanks, but also trucks for transportation of infantry, only to start their need to build. The army can be divided into small groups of four units and give orders to the groups.
Management Timelines: Assault on America is well adapted to the sensor. The game has everything what should be in the classic strategy: open territory, mine fields, the tactical use of uneven terrain, etc.
Graphics made great, but that's to play on Android with a small screen will be uncomfortable. Locations are many and varied, and offers small settlements and forest fields, all this is quite qualitatively traced. The effects look very enchanting, especially when the enemy explodes technique. The game is completely woven into Russian, and there are fully trained, so that the difficulties you will not have.
Timelines: Assault on America - a very decent game, right after passing the first two missions have to pay to go on, but it's worth it.


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