Monkey King Escape on android на андроид

Monkey King Escape
Rating: +10
Ubisoft Entertainment
4.0 +
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  • Monkey King Escape
  • Monkey King Escape
  • Monkey King Escape
  • Monkey King Escape


Game Monkey King Escape introduces us to a Chinese legend, then we have to get away from the Emperor.
We look at the Monkey King, who served as the Jade Emperor, ruling the sky. The emperor, the king refused to give place among the gods, he was angry and ate peaches of immortality, which he guarded. Then take the monkey left foot only.
A typical runner, in which the king of monkeys will run forward, and you will help him to avoid collision with obstacles. You have to jump over obstacles or slip under them. Management will be carried out by means of swipe. Some obstacles will move directly to us, for example, studded spiked wheel, the collision which should be avoided. Such manipulation does not require you to small reaction rate. But that's not all, you will meet the guards with which to fight. Sometimes on the way will meet the real warriors and defeat them much more difficult.
Offers numerous bonuses scattered on the road, other than the usual magnets will be available conversion, for example, you can turn into a turtle or a crane.
Graphics performed quite well, although it can be better. The colors are very bright, and the surrounding elements are angular and simplified.
Monkey King Escape - specific runner that will appeal to fans of the genre.


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