Battle for the Throne on android на андроид

Battle for the Throne
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NHN Entertainment Corp.
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  • Battle for the Throne
  • Battle for the Throne
  • Battle for the Throne
  • Battle for the Throne


Battle for the Throne - addictive strategy game in which you will become the Lord of the region and beat the hordes of enemies.
When the game starts, the system will automatically begin to download updates, meanwhile on your screen will unfold the entire history of the world. Lords of war, the king and other details of everyday stories. Skip history can only occur when the full load files.
And then you will find, perhaps, the longest training that has ever occurred in games on Android. Developers from NHN Entertainment Corp is not stingy on the entry and training takes from thirty minutes to an hour.
In Battle for the Throne, to protect their land, will improve the buildings and collect resources. In the presence of a solid capital, you can not just improve the castle, but also supply various traps around him. Traps applied impressive damage to the enemy, but are disposable.
Most of the time, wakes up to go to find new heroes and colonization of nearby areas. Some rare hero can be found during the battle with monsters: abandoned tavern, den robber, such places are just full of personality, which for a couple of gold coins are ready to join your army. Another option, if your hero wakes collect rumors in the taverns to learn at the forefront of foreign soldiers who came to the city to try and hire them. To do this would be the best character with high intelligence, it will increase the chances of recruitment.
Battles are waiting for you in two cases: if your castle decided kt something to attack and sweep of the new territory, which always end with a boss battle. To win, you need to properly arrange their soldiers, the system will give you a clue.
Battle for the Throne pretty good game, despite the fact that all the battles take place in the automatic mode.


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