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Stage Dive Legends
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  • Stage Dive Legends
  • Stage Dive Legends
  • Stage Dive Legends
  • Stage Dive Legends


Stage Dive Legends - an exciting runner, where you will find a rock concert scene.

Developers from HandyGames pleased us with his imagination, today we do not have anywhere to run, we will be in the role of rock star.

Were you able to see how the performers jump in his arms to the crowd from the stage? And there were you in this crowd of fans? Today you have decided to jump into the crowd of loyal fans who fall you just do not give, and in this way to get to their bus.

You start with the appearance of its star, first choice will be small, but gradually he begins to expand. When it is determined with the appearance, go on stage, guitar break and jump into the crowd.

You'll move quickly and without interruption, will appear obstacles in a collision with whom you come back to the beginning. Interference in Stage Dive Legends will be huge drums, fireworks, design, unfriendly fans, which can fly from the bottle, from the bowling ball or a banana.

Dodge all of this will be using the touch screen while the finger a little delay, the hero can even fly a little. At each level, there are three tasks, the implementation of which will affect the reception of stars. To go to the next level, you need to get to the bus.

The game is stylish and at the same time is quite simple. Enjoy a crowded room fans, no detailed study here of course not, it's pretty arbitrary. Constantly changing lighting, gives the dynamics of the picture.

Stage Dive Legends - a great example of how banal gameplay can transform an interesting idea.


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