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Frozen Synapse Prime
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Double Eleven Limited
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  • Frozen Synapse Prime
  • Frozen Synapse Prime
  • Frozen Synapse Prime
  • Frozen Synapse Prime


The developers decided to release a series of project immediately on all platforms. Frozen Synapse Prime came out on PC, console, Android and iOS.
The strategy will take us into a virtual city called Markov Geist. Totalitarian government established strict orders that destroyed all dissent, and those who did not agree, threatened with prison. In general, this dystopia. Some residents still find the strength to withstand the brutal regime. The city created unit that is ready at any moment to launch an attack on the National Guard and police. And this moment has come, the order is given and the attack began. We will take part in the fighting.
Despite the fact that the units and cards can not boast realistic graphics good enough, the game has great gameplay. Compared with the first part of the Frozen Synapse Prime has a lot more modes and actions that can make units.
The main emphasis is on multiplayer, but it does not negate the stand-alone company in which you will find forty missions. Passing mission novice will be able to master all the skills and subtleties of the game, then to boldly fight online.
Feature of the game was the structure of the fight, which is no longer met on Android. The order can be given to several units, and then observe the result.

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