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Whatever the number of applications does not appear on Play Market, no matter how different was not their quality, periodically go imaginative creations. Take, for example, an application that detects objects on a photo or translator augmented reality. Earlier this year, added to the list application PhotoMath, it is capable of using a camera phone to solve mathematical problems.
It's pretty simple, you launch the app, point the camera at Androida equation and see the result on the display.
The application will be useful not only for those who do not want to wrestle with the equation and find the answer. In addition to the results PhotoMath completely write out the solution process. This will allow parents quickly learned to trust students.
Unfortunately PhotoMath can not all, and can solve the equation is not only complex fractions, linear equations, decimals, standard arithmetic equation. Developers from Microblink promise eventually improve the app so that it can solve complex equations. Recognition of text in the application is not at the highest level, but still, not bad. It recognizes only printable characters, uppercase given him a hard time. But this lack of developers have promised to understand.
Microblink already thinking over how to implement an application for use in the classroom and financial institutions.


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