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Cigarette Analytics
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  • Cigarette Analytics
  • Cigarette Analytics
  • Cigarette Analytics
  • Cigarette Analytics


Modern society has not found a solution to the problem of smoking, because applications designed for smokers for a long time will be needed. One such application has counter cigarettes. It is suitable for smokers, for those who came close to this step and those who dropped out. To do this, the application creates two categories of Health and Public.
Private mode - you mark each cigarette and look for statistics and analysis applications. Each time not to make the extra effort and do not open the app, there is a special widget that can help just one click to make notes.
You can set the minimum time between successive smoking or limit the daily number of cigarettes. You can increase the time of the break after every 15 seconds, or you can specify that you want to smoke every day for half a cigarette less.
You can even include a warning coming on the phone about what can go smoke. In general, the process of smoking can be controlled in various ways to configure it for themselves.
The annex has a day smoking, where you can see the number of cigarettes smoked by day. There are screen analytics, in which all sorts of information and schedules.
The main screen can be customized so that would see only the information we need. Perhaps the most interesting indicators are: you can still smoke today, the last time smoking, number of cigarettes smoked today, the time until the next break. Choose what your taste. Cigarette Counter is good that it can be fully customized.
Health regime - not so much varied. It will help to track the number of saved time, money and cigarettes, as well it will display the change in the physical and psychological indicators daily.
The app is endowed with two widgets: Pro and normal, it will not open at all Counter cigarettes. Although they do not give full and only the most basic possibility of the application.
The app is free, but the developers have received at least some income, is an extension to the Pro. It may give any global opportunities, they are already in the base version. Pro gives users all sorts nishtyachki, a complete lack of advertising and inscriptions - upgrade to Pro.

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