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Two professors at Stanford University about two years ago founded a start - Coursera. The aim of the project was the publication of various onlay courses and educational materials, the authors of which - the teacher the world's largest universities.
To facilitate access to information, the developers decided to release the app on all platforms. Relatively recently released mobile client on iOS, and only a couple of days ago and the client on Android.
Versions for different platforms differ slightly. Coursera on android retained affordable and simple interface that overcame admirably as a compact display of the smartphone and tablet on the big screen.
Knowledge Base Coursera is impressive. The app will give you access to more than six hundred different courses of twenty areas, from mathematics to medicine. All courses were written by the best teachers of one hundred universities around the world, including those in which it is not easy to get the people of Russia.
Appendix translated into a dozen languages, so learning difficulties will not. By subscribing to the upcoming courses, you will be notified of their nearest outlet. Downloading lectures to the device, we can listen to them offline.

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