Egyxos - Labyrinth Run for android на андроид

Egyxos - Labyrinth Run
Rating: +22
De Agostini Publishing Italia S.p.A.
2.3 +
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  • Egyxos - Labyrinth Run
  • Egyxos - Labyrinth Run
  • Egyxos - Labyrinth Run
  • Egyxos - Labyrinth Run


Egyxos - Labyrinth Run - a classic representative of the runners, which will please fans of the genre. After launch we will see a movie in which the hero of attacking monsters. And now he needs to be on the lam, of course with your help.
Long time not seen on Android classical representatives runners. Our hero is wandering the corridors stumbles upon a monster, which is not averse to regale you, all that remains is the lam. Will run as much by how much will the agility and strength. Corridors Egyxos - Labyrinth Run endless, tortuous and full of all sorts of monsters with obstacles.
Avoid all the obstacles will be using swipe. Barriers will be beamed, dips in the floor, the balls on chains that sway from side to side, or you can simply do not have time to fit into the rotation and the hero simply crash into the wall. In addition, you will meet the flying and crawling creatures.
No bonus game is not awarded, but the coin is still there. They need to continue the race, the truth is it's not cheap.
Graphics unremarkable and the picture a little boring, lacking any detail. But optimization is very good. Egyxos - Labyrinth Run - a good runner who lacks zest.

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