Nearwood Collector's Edition for android на андроид

Nearwood Collector's Edition
Rating: +13
Big Fish Games
2.3 +
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  • Nearwood Collector's Edition
  • Nearwood Collector's Edition
  • Nearwood Collector's Edition
  • Nearwood Collector's Edition


Nearwood Collector's Edition - a real gift for fans of interesting stories and puzzles. You have to go to other measures, to find answers to the mysteries of childhood.
The main character name is Jane, a child her mother died, and after his father mysteriously disappeared. One day she receives a letter that makes her return to the house where she lived as a child, she already there waiting, but not people. In an old house opened the gate to another world, to where her father was gone, and she goes in search of him.
You will wander through the many locations that are very nicely drawn and inspected every corner to find useful things to you. Must be very careful, the objects hidden away so that they are difficult to find. You will have a special card that will accelerate the process of moving. In the game, there is absolutely no search items on the list and that's good, because the quest in English. Absence of translation complicate the task, because a lot of clues hidden in the dialogues. In Nearwood Collector's Edition contains puzzles and logic puzzles fit perfectly into the story.
The strongest point of the game was the graphics, all locations of unprecedented beauty with perfectly traced details. Animated picture as we could, circle butterflies, hovering motes in the air, all in support of excellent soundtracks.
Nearwood Collector's Edition - a very worthy quest, which should take place on your Android.


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