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Roads of Rome 3
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  • Roads of Rome 3
  • Roads of Rome 3
  • Roads of Rome 3
  • Roads of Rome 3


Roads of Rome 3 - a strategy that will restore the economy destroyed by the Vikings.
In the provinces in the north of Rome riots are happening, the barbarians who staged a mutiny, were expelled from the land. But after they left complete devastation. You as a general travel to the lands to expel the remnants of the enemy and rebuild. This will require the skills strategy and tactical thinking.
All you'll do it for forty levels, the job will not change significantly. As always, you will have only one employee, their number will increase gradually. A spate of cases. To start enjoy a collection of food: pick berries, wood, restore buildings, build bridges. All rehabilitated or constructed buildings will replenish resources. In addition to these resources will store water for fighting fires. Another build workshops, which will make seven-league boots, to increase the speed of movement of workers.
Roads of Rome 3 on the small screen looks good, but on the tablet can be seen that the details are not well developed. Although in general the design of a decent, location is very diverse, and the effects enliven the picture.
Roads of Rome 3 - not particularly outstanding representative strategies.

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