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Delivery Club - food delivery
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Delivery Club
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  • Delivery Club - food delivery
  • Delivery Club - food delivery
  • Delivery Club - food delivery
  • Delivery Club - food delivery


The process of ordering food every year becomes easier. Instead, numerous flyers or business cards sushi bars, pizzerias and other places of leisure, come and special sites of the shipping service. Appendix Delivery Club even more simplifies this process, for now, just a couple of clicks, you can make a reservation.
The application features more than three thousand most popular restaurants, cafes and schools. Most interesting is that each one is set Delivery Club to write a review, put Estimation and even advise this or that place. Thus the choice of a good restaurant is greatly simplified.
Use Delivery Club without registering, but you ate willing to spend five minutes, you'll get some bonuses and discounts. Appendix quite new and not the entire list of cities in it is present, but the developers promise to fix this in the near future.
Number of connoisseurs of quality food is rapidly becoming more and such applications are becoming indispensable to eat fast and delicious. Just a few clicks and fresh rolls or hot pizza with rush courier to the address provided.


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