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Ingress - multiplayer game from Google, which presents us with a world of augmented reality.
After starting the application, we will map the real world around us. But other than that, you will see additional objects - crystals, portals and more. Typically, the portals are arranged at different monuments.
Experience in the Ingress given for different actions, but some of them at lower levels almost impossible to do. You are unlikely to release the enemy portal. Because you can use the other options: recharge resonator hack enemy portal installation resonator connection fields.
To release the portal, it is necessary to destroy the enemy resonators. But we are the first level, it will be virtually impossible task, because resonators at the first level in 1000 xm. Booster at the same level deals 150 damage, but it unless you're standing right on the resonator. He has a small radius and the maximum that can hurt, only two neighboring and then weak. If you see a portal, it does not mean that you can go to each of the eight points with resonators. Plus gps is not stable, and every now and then you will "drift" from the point. So what if the resonators are not very close to the portal, you torment to do and probably the phone battery plant.
At higher levels boosters have a large radius and the task will be easier to handle.
What is so special about Ingress, and the fact that you do not sit at the computer, and move around the city with your device and have the opportunity to actually interact with real players.


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26-11-2018 19:28
li, Да, только при включенном интернете.
26-11-2018 19:27
Review, like: скачал а она только за интернет?