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Syberia 2 - perhaps the most famous quest, which has become a benchmark of the genre. You will travel by God-forsaken land, in search of the last representatives of mammoths.

The first part of the game ended at that Kate still managed to find Hans Vorarlberg and cope with its mission. After that, she realized that she did not want to return to New York and do the paperwork. After traveling on snow-covered Siberia in search of their dreams, much more interesting. In general, do not hesitate to Kate, together with Hans go in search of mammoths that sort are found on the island Seabury covered with green grass and blue flowers. In order to find this mysterious place, you have to swim in the ancient ship, and even to go to the other world.

Continued inherited from the first part of its incredible atmosphere, which is so fond of the game. Puzzles are all classic, no quest items on the list, of course, will not be here. But a lot of tasks and situational puzzles. The task complicated by the fact that the work of some of the mechanisms was too difficult to understand. The difference between this part was the fact that objects do not disappear after use of the equipment, and remain until such time as you do not abide by the new station on your train.

At this stage, Syberia 2 has a major drawback - the lack of Russian localization. Perhaps it will be a little later. The same situation was also the first part of Syberia.

The picture is awesome, location filled with various items, each item has its place. You can certainly find fault with the details of moving objects, but do not forget how old the game. Gameplay will be diluted videos that tell us about the plot.

Syberia 2 - will be a boon for fans of classic quests and for those who love the quality of the game.


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