Crowman & Wolfboy on android на андроид

Crowman & Wolfboy
Rating: +4
Wither Studios, LLC
2.3 +
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  • Crowman & Wolfboy
  • Crowman & Wolfboy
  • Crowman & Wolfboy
  • Crowman & Wolfboy


Crowman & Wolfboy - grim arcade game in which will help the two countries have half-animal, half-people.
Sometimes the developers give such crazy ideas that you begin to think, not from nightmares they derive their. As the guys from Wither Studios, LLC may have guessed before polucheloveka floor crows and the like werewolf who came together and began to fight against evil. In the story of our planet from space, came some energy and destroyed all that is beautiful on earth, all the colors have disappeared and there were strange monster. And our heroes decided to fix it all.
In spite of such a plot, it is a typical horizontal runner. Heroes Crowman & Wolfboy will be catching up on the lam from their darkness, and at the same time to overcome various obstacles. To complete a level, just get to the finish. But to achieve the highest score, you need to perform three tasks: to release at poor little animals, do not spend a single life and find three colored balls drives away darkness. Be prepared for the fact that the level can go through different routes.
For fans of the game, designed in the genre Limbo (dark colors), this project will appeal. Animation Crowman & Wolfboy worked out good, the picture is very interesting.


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