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Jenny's Balloon
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  • Jenny's Balloon
  • Jenny's Balloon
  • Jenny's Balloon
  • Jenny's Balloon


Jenny's Balloon- game plumper collection runners on Android. The story that we tell today studio QUOIN, causing tenderness. Girl Jenny was walking through the woods with his dog - Toto and saw the mysterious balloons. Four-legged friend grabbed one of the balls and soared. Jenny had no choice, how to grab the remaining balls and go for a friend.
You will not an easy journey in pursuit of the dog. The game begins with the moment when the girl grabs his balls and rises. For a few seconds the dog is still in the player's field of vision, but then flies away to an unknown destination.
Travel to Jenny's Balloon is difficult, because the trees, along which you will climb, teeming with different wildlife: horned wasps, spiders strange, octopus with wings of bats and stuff. The number of lives is equal to the number of balls, and five of them, when confronted with the danger of one ball will burst.
Jenny's Balloon is made in monochrome and gloomy shades, which gives the horror and the coldness of this forest. But the monsters look quite harmless, and are presented in the form of shadows. In the game are bright shoes and bow Jenny.


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