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Outer Limits: Chosen
Rating: +18
Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
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  • Outer Limits: Chosen
  • Outer Limits: Chosen
  • Outer Limits: Chosen
  • Outer Limits: Chosen


People with unique abilities, always under the watchful attention of various mysterious organization, because having such a feature, they can become a weapon, came under the influence of dangerous people. In such a situation were heroes - Outer Limits: Chosen One. Candidate for governor, has long been leading the hunt for children with paranormal abilities. He wants to use them to gain power and thus enriched. He is a very spiteful and cynical and nothing will stop on the way to achieving its goal. The main character was Samantha and Kevin try to resist the plans of the future governor and discover his true face around the world.
The plot Outer Limits: Elected went very exciting. Writers have tried their best, and this time we will not have to investigate another murder or stir mysterious puzzles of the past. We are waiting for charismatic characters and exciting detective. Gradually, you will open the details of the life of the main villain, and you want to strangle him. So try to heroes managed to do it.
In Outer Limits: Elect a great atmosphere. Developers have been very carefully worked out all the details of the fictional world. Each location is a well thought out piece level. All elements and details in their places, and this is very important, because it is on a careful study of all the gameplay is built locations.

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