Jump'N'Shoot Attack on android на андроид

Jump'N'Shoot Attack
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Fullscreen, Inc.
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  • Jump'N'Shoot Attack
  • Jump'N'Shoot Attack
  • Jump'N'Shoot Attack
  • Jump'N'Shoot Attack


Platformer for Android began to appear more and more, but only a few representatives of the genre worthy of attention. Jump'N'Shoot Attack exactly creation, which is necessary to stop their attention. The developers of the Fullscreen, Inc. have their own style, and all of their toys are made in the likeness of platformer nineties.
Twenty years ago, the limited capacity of consoles was not allowed to appear on the TV many colors. Because developers had to improvise, so that the picture looked beautiful. In the process it is a hard work to create better game worlds that have become a work of genuine art. Just look at the old Robocop or counter, a perfect combination of colors and an abundance of small parts, not typical of many modern games.
Jump'N'Shoot Attack sort of mixture resembles AVGN Adventures and Contra. Acid colors tell us that the action takes place somewhere on another planet, where there is its flora and fauna is not related to the earth.
Local heroine to overcome many levels of tens of kilometers, admiring the scenery and alien fighting with unknown life forms. Developers do not forget to add a test of skill and logic puzzles.
Jump'N'Shoot Attack - the best platformer for the last time. Creation is uniquely designed for those who play with toys late eighties early nineties. Therefore, the old-school gamers just can not pass it round.


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