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Random Heroes 3
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  • Random Heroes 3
  • Random Heroes 3
  • Random Heroes 3


If you are nostalgic for times platforming nineties, you probably are familiar with a series of Random Heroes. Today we again have to choose a hero, to take up arms and go kick some ass enemies who encroach on the independence and freedom of people in the game Random Heroes 3. The main villains become zombie cyborgs. This monsters have incredible vitality and just so they do not destroy it. Thick-headed piece of iron captured important strategic objects on the ground and would move on, but they decided to confront our heroes.
 Random Heroes series never was worthy script, that's the third part developers decided not to suffer and wrote only two lines. But it was more than enough, the main thing that with the gameplay does not disappoint.
Gameplay Random Heroes 3, as in previous games flawless and entertaining. Our eyes gaze classic gameplay scheme, which for decades has not undergone almost no changes. Even the developers are trying to emphasize the fact that the game is made with zakosom on the classics. For this reason, in a series of several years has not changed schedule. Despite this Random Heroes 3 continues to delight us all well.


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