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Blades of Chance
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  • Blades of Chance
  • Blades of Chance
  • Blades of Chance
  • Blades of Chance


Blades of Chance - a great fighting game, which is now produced studio monoid. You have to fight with your friends and get the title of the strongest.
It is important to say that this app is designed for two players. Developers do not have to add a single mode, because should worry about the partner. Of course, it is possible and to play on two fronts, but it is not interesting. After all, you yourself know what to expect, but the enemy is not, because you are waiting for exciting matches.
The basic idea of ​​the game is the gameplay childhood - Rock-paper-scissors. The user selects one of the following: attack, block, dodge. Developers, of course, was not allowed to Blades of Chance, roll down to a simple browser-based game. An important factor is luck, if you are lucky, hit the enemy, if not, fail the attack. Do not forget about the blocks, which occupy an important role. The more enemy attacks will be able to block, the greater will be taken to the following passages.
Style Blades of Chance chosen quite interesting, the game is more like a comic book. Making a very pleasant: bright neon icons, good animation, pleasing style. In general, the visual part of a very worthy. The game can be an excellent pass the time with a friend.


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