Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city for android на андроид

Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city
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  • Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city
  • Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city
  • Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city
  • Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city


Developers Hoppy Frog managed to earn good money, because the first part of several million users have downloaded. Therefore, without thinking twice, they set about creating Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city. At this time, dear frog to get out of the urban jungle, and you help him in this.
The game will unfold in the city: the locals, homes, construction sites. Frog in a place not just to survive, and even with so many dangers.
Move the frog made using tapov one tap - one jump, if you need to frog a little floating in the air with the help of a parachute, just hold your finger a little longer. That is not by such artful manipulation pass the whole game. The number of obstacles in Hoppy Frog 2 - Escape from the city, increased at times, because many get ready for the death of another.
The player will have the opportunity to even change the appearance of the frog, for a small fee. Several hundred flies and your hero can be transformed into a plumber or Frankenstein.
Hoppy Frog visual part 2 - Escape from the city, much better than the previous games, it is much more fine detail. In addition, there was a more emotional music. The game will bring a lot of fun: you meet Acala scooter, police car chasing a hero on a construction site or a hungry cat.

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