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The newest games simply a work of art, many of which boast a worthy soundtrack, superb visuals, unforgettable atmosphere and a thrilling story. But the main feature of gaming masterpieces from the rest - it's the gameplay: the user is involved in the gameplay, while showing different qualities of logic and reaction, learning the features and subtleties of passing.
Here are the last two paragraphs are just complexity: it is necessary to torment the search engines, visit the gaming forums to find information about their favorite game, its additional levels or features of the huge bosses. Apparently, the developers xGuides spent a lot of time doing this - information about the passage and search for secrets, why they decided to make our lives easier.
xGuides - the so-called database with secrets, Cheats, Hints, combinations of buttons, all kinds of tricks and more. Interface without piles and quite simple. With lots of illustrations and screenshots.
After starting the first thing you see - a list of games with tags. Thus, it becomes clear which type of information is available. The database is constantly updated, because your favorite game will not deprived. Refill base is carried by a vote, users choose themselves, passing a game they would like to see.
Plus xGuides in the fact that the developers of emphasis was placed on various platforms, regardless of whether you're playing on a PC or consoles.

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