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What do you need to send a journey from which to have fun, pleasant memories and a desire not to return again in a pleasing place? And you need a bit - select country and attractions that are worth a visit, to find a suitable hotel, and buy a ticket. To do this quickly and without hassle, created an application TripAdvisor.
It is created for quick and easy search of hotels. To do this, simply type in the name of the city or TripAdvisor hotel. If planning a trip to an unknown country to you, you just need to enter its name. The app will show you all the country's cities and hotels of each.
TripAdvisor advantage is that each hotels have reviews and ratings. Reviews are divided into categories: from businessmen to families, couples and singles from. It is very convenient, because what suits traveling alone may not completely go for couples with children.
Places of possible stops, too Share Category: mini-hotels, and other types of property. There is another principle of choice - a place of rest for two, the best resorts for a family vacation, spa suites. For example, choose the category "rest for business" and get to the page with the best hotel. Each of which has a short description, rating, reviews, number of stars, the room rate.

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