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How important is the app for taking notes on your Android? Someone fine shops with paper lists and excellent planning their business using notepad. But it is much more comfortable and faster to do it by means of a special application. To urgently establish some sort of record you do not have to rush in search of a notebook and pen, and in fact enough to get your phone and make all the information there.
Quick Notes - excellent and simple application to create reminders and notes. There is nothing superfluous in the application does not, this lack of extra functionality have to like it, those who do not have time, and who does not want to understand all the intricacies of the program.
Quick Notes - done on the basis of stationery stickers. On which you write the information you need and kleite sticker in a prominent place. All the same is done in the application. You will even be able to choose the background color of notes that repeat the traditional color stickers.
With the help of Quick Notes you can: create a reminder note, make a list for shopping. The font size can be changed. And also have the opportunity to set a reminder for important notes, and it will work as an alarm clock. Convenient functional applications become possible to create a note as a widget on the home screen, on which it is impossible not to notice. You can also sync with your Google Account and create new folders.

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