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Puppet Punch
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Puppet Punch - an exciting arcade game that will tell us about a boy named Pablo. He wandered through the game center in search of interesting gaming machine gets only old and bored with a piece of iron. But at some point, he saw the magic room. The game begins with the fact that the hero takes boxing gloves and begins to climb up the stairs.
Boy falls in the puppet theater, which was the main character of the play. But Pablo began to hunt monsters, witches and other evil spirits, which will have to fend off. The hero was able to hit, you have to Tapan on enemies, thus you will be able to crush the enemy.
Number of enemies in the Puppet Punch is simply amazing. Start with all the usual dolls, and the evil spirits over and demons from hell. Enemies, as always, will be different vitality and attacks. Particular attention should be paid to the dolls with thorns and with shields. For such a blow to the enemy you'll lose hitpoints, because worth the wait when the shield goes down and only then start the attack.
Hero of the Puppet Punch decided to provide various bonuses like a fiery aura, poison and other pleasant things that will combat the enemy with one blow. The game was very bright and interesting, the hero is very emotional because his facial expression will be constantly changing. Pablo was happy just to earn gold, but he was trembling with fear at the sight of barefooted.


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