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Angry Birds Fight!
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Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
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  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds Fight!


Angry Birds Fight! - A new meeting with old characters in the genre of match three.
Well, Rovio did not say goodbye to his eminent project again and again releasing a new creation with the evil birds. In this case, gamers, old heroes do not get bored. Rovio have a unique ability, no matter how seemingly stupid project they did not realize, as a result of all turns out more than playable. Well it would seem that it is already possible to pull out of this topic, once again the developers have proven that it is possible. The official release of the game in Russia has not been and will not be possible.
Match three never was a popular genre and every major developer of at least one game, but released on this topic. That Rovio not far behind. The actual gameplay of the game is quite classic, as usual, to collect the same number of elements, but part of RPG and online. You will gradually open their characters and pump do not forget to equip various items. Battles with these players will alternate with battles, to be attended by a pig. They perform in Angry Birds Fight! the role of the bosses. You will need for a limited time, to collect a certain number of points, then you will see the outcome of the battle. Who scored more points is the winner.
The game has two unpleasant moment, without which it Donath anywhere and energy, because without an infusion of money to play as many will not work.
Making Angry Birds Fight! disappointed. Games of this developer are known for their colorful animations and effects, and then upon their not.

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