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My vocation: vet
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  • My vocation: vet
  • My vocation: vet
  • My vocation: vet
  • My vocation: vet


My vocation: vet - an excellent simulator for those who care about the little animals, which happened one or another trouble.
Start a career not just a doctor, but you are lucky and you are invited to a seat of a successful veterinarian. For this purpose it is, to something brush up and put in order dilapidated clinic.
Initially the clinic will be quite small, and you can only take, guinea pigs. Soon, if you are not such a lack of talent, you'll see a new cabinet, which can result in dogs, cats, rabbits and even birds. Hours of your clinic - from nine in the morning until five in the evening. During this period you will come more and more new patients. Each of them to sit on a chair, so they waited for their turn, and when it is suitable to hold them in the desired room.
The first thing you spend inspection, and then assign treatment, if necessary. Prepare to My vocation: veterinarian, to getting splinters, cutting claws, looking into the ears of rabbits treated asthma and heart failure in cats. Each patient needs an individual approach, someone needs to prescribe treatment, someone get a shot, someone send for analysis. For all this, you need equipment that you can buy at the store in-game currency. Not all items are available, they will be opened as you gain experience. You can also arrange a reception, so that patients do not get bored while waiting.
My vocation is framed: good vet. All dialogues and tips on Russian. Sound is excellent, the sound produced by animals, you can easily identify who is waiting for you at the reception.


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