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  • Carnivore
  • Carnivore
  • Carnivore
  • Carnivore


Carnivore - today you have to grow a plant that is a great pleasure to deliver the rainforest insects. The flower is very similar to the Venus flytrap, but is more voracity and cantankerous character.
The plant is very demanding to nutrition and care, so that the flower grew well, it must be constantly watered or it will perish in the sweltering tropics. Constantly taking care of him, you desire to be able to observe the addition of points of growth.
The plant likes to eat often and much, because most of the time will have to spend at catching insects. When you press start, we get to a location full of insects. Each type of insect different number of points. You tedious timely them Tapa and fed his voracious flower. At the coming thirty seconds, the system considers the amount of food, but rather points.
With the earned points in the Carnivore can go to the store to buy pet fertilizers, food, and more. You can use automatic watering, but it will have to fork out.
Carnivore is made in 3D. Beetles, plants, background, interface all impressive. However, during the catch beetles animation is not very good. But animation flower paid a lot of attention, funny plant eats insects and dissatisfied klatsat teeth when hungry.

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