Tremors 3: Soul forest on android на андроид

Tremors 3: Soul of the forest
Rating: +108
Nevosoft Inc
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  • Tremors 3: Soul of the forest
  • Tremors 3: Soul of the forest
  • Tremors 3: Soul of the forest
  • Tremors 3: Soul of the forest


Tremors 3: Soul of the forest - an excellent adventure for all fans of unusual puzzles and mysterious stories. Discover the secrets and mysteries of the old forest fate of the hero. But keep in mind, it will not be easy.
Studio Nevosoft Inc offers us the third part of an exciting game that stands out against the backdrop of a fascinating story with fellow mystical bent. Our hero becomes an orphan, who many years ago was found in the woods and on his education took a local doctor, who replaced the boy's father. The guy decided to go in the footsteps of his adoptive father and went to study to be a doctor, but the house was a misfortune, and stepfather disappeared. Several years passed, the boy finish my studies and was offered to take the place of the missing stepfather in his hometown, but on the way home with him began to happen trouble. Now you face the challenge not only to find out where the lost village doctor, but also to deal with the strange occurrences taking place with the hero. In the local woods were mysterious inhabitants, and the whole atmosphere of the place has become, imbued with mysticism and mysteries.
Tremors 3: Soul of the forest is made in the genre of modern quests, that is, you have to solve puzzles and find hidden objects. We normally have to rummage through piles of trash, finding all sorts of things and apply them in situational puzzles. Select the level of difficulty - if you do not want to strain the easiest place, hints quickly charged, and the puzzles can be skipped altogether. And if you think about it, the best place folded.
Graphics Tremors 3: Soul of the forest is delightful, beautifully drawn locations and full of all kinds of elements. The developers have paid great attention to the animation, occasionally it will rain that makes the game especially gloomy atmosphere.

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