har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel for android на андроид

har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel
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  • har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel
  • har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel
  • har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel
  • har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel


har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel - a puzzle game in which to think a few steps ahead.
Unfortunately puzzles on Android is very rare delight us with their originality, is not just to come up with something new, here developers breathe new life into old projects. But today we have the opportunity to try something new. If you are okay with the perception of bright colors, then you can begin to solve the puzzle.
har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel offers us a large number of levels, presented a colorful field, as a rule, strips of different shades and colors. Picture cut into squares and move them in a chaotic manner. Now you want to restore harmony. Tiles will be swapped, but only those that are on the same line. Each tile has one to three points, it is the number of times that it can be moved. If the tile moves from left, and she in his place and did not get up, or cancel the course and try to change something, or start the level again. To look at the figure, which is necessary to collect a special press button at the bottom of the screen. Educational levels are very simple, and after their passing will have to strain the brain.
Making har mo ny 2: a harmony sequel concise, but with my twist. In the lower levels of color will be quite different, but the more, the smoother the transition will become colored and not make mistakes would be difficult. The application plays the author's music, and it is excellent, so we recommend to use headphones to enjoy it enough.


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