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Escape Saga
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  • Escape Saga
  • Escape Saga
  • Escape Saga
  • Escape Saga


Escape Saga - colorful puzzle in the style of 100 doors. In place of dark and shabby rooms come bright colors, beautiful scenery and a cute raccoon Senya assistant to help with difficulties and will teach you the finer points.
In the game we are waiting for more than a hundred doors, each of which is unique and it will look for an individual approach. The room in which there is a door, scored all sorts of objects and clues to be using to figure out how to open it and leave the room. The first levels will lead the process furry assistant, will continue to manage on their own.
Graphics Escape Saga very bright because the game seems to be more on the arcade than a puzzle. Due to this brilliance, all the elements perfectly fit into the interior, and find a clue is much more complicated.
Just find items and pick up codes is not enough, sometimes have to shake the device that the desired object or rolled down. Tips to Escape Saga Of course there are and they cost me a tidy sum game coins. They can earn on the passage of the mini-games.

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