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Dragon Hills
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Rebel Twins
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  • Dragon Hills
  • Dragon Hills
  • Dragon Hills
  • Dragon Hills


Dragon Hills - an excellent arcade game, which combines high-quality design, excellent handling and simple gameplay.
The game's story is as follows. Sits in a tower guarded the princess and her evil dragon, and at the same time zolotishko guards. But then on the horizon appeared a knight on horseback with his retinue, they drove to the tower, and instead of rescuing a princess, they stole the gold and left. Princess, shocked such impudence, takes a true dragon and sent in pursuit of the robbers. Here's a story Dragon Hills.
Dragons are very strong and durable, but not immortal, because they will have to manage wisely. You will gain points for destroying buildings. It is a trifle for a winged lizard. The problem will be a variety of defenses, the clash that can lead to death. Just be careful not to fall into the cavity with a red-hot magma. Dragon can move along the ground and under the ground. You just should touch the screen, as the lizard begin digging an underground tunnel, but make sure that it does not crashed into anything.
Graphics Dragon Hills is very nice and colorful, all decorated simply and tastefully. Effects and animation is easy with this picture is quite stylish. Musical accompaniment nice and fits well in the game.


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