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Blue Box
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A very small part of the puzzle can please the discerning user. A rare exception was the game Blue Box - not quite a classic representative of the genre.
Gameplay is built on a jump, you need to get to the green square red, overcoming obstacles of various kinds. Jump over the square does not, moreover, need to collect all the blue squares. So if you made it safely to the red square and blue, not all collected, the level is not counted.
Blue elements disappear when the hero comes into contact with them. Later, small squares, replace large, and one jump for them is not enough, have to jump again. At the first level it will be only one line of squares, but the level of the fifteenth they will be five.
Such an interesting gameplay Blue Box implemented in the same minimalism, characteristic of puzzles. At first it may even seem boring, but the more, the more will appear new elements and increase interest.
Musical accompaniment Blue Box is very calm and quiet, did not detract from the gameplay.


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