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EggPunch 2
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EggPunch 2 - addictive arcade game in which to catch up with the treacherous rabbit.
We have to play for the chick who chases arrogant rabbit. The plot is interesting, is not it? Most games have become similar to each other and each new idea, and unusual characters are perceived to cheer. And if also some new gameplay, the game just shines popularity.
Rabbit stole his chick wings, feathered now can not fly and sent to the kidnappers in pursuit, in the eggshell. Manage such a strange movement means you will be pulling gum slingshot and running chick in the right direction. At each level EggPunch 2 to get to the rabbit hole collecting feathers along the way. At first, everything is simple, but later will appear a variety of objects with which to interact: switches, levers, buttons. Some mechanisms work without your participation, for example, opening and closing doors, huge fans. Periodically will give additional tasks, for example, find the object that is hidden somewhere on the level.
2 graphics EggPunch become better at times on the first part. The picture is made in 3D. Locations full of objects that harmoniously create a complete picture.


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