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  • Skullduggery!
  • Skullduggery!
  • Skullduggery!
  • Skullduggery!


Skullduggery! - A game in which your hero will be the skull journey through abandoned the world.
You go to the afterlife and play the role of tax collector in the so-called Department of light. In this case, you do not have a body, and it does not bother anyone, as long as the head in place. Or rather from the head leaving only the skull, which actually is the main character.
Levels in Skullduggery! very much, they are small and multiple tasks. As a rule, it is necessary to collect valuable items, the necessary amount of money to take advantage of some object and put in time. Skull will move with the help of the brain, they serve as a gum, you should hold your finger in the right direction and you will see the flight path. As soon as you remove your finger, the skull will rush in this direction. Without the danger has not done. You will encounter with security, which can destroy the skull behind the blow. Another danger would be mechanisms clash that is fraught with death.
Game Skullduggery! rather complicated, because the developers have added three levels of difficulty. Points earned, you can spend on a new skull, which is presented very much.


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