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Sky Punks
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Sky Punks - the perfect gift for fans of runners. The developer of the present creations hundred studio Rovio, surprisingly no pigs and poultry today will not. We go to a fantastic world where entertainment has become a major youth races on gliders - similarity bike that moves by magic.
In Sky Punks you are not just going to roll on the endless road, you will face specific problems: need to go the distance, overtake opponents to reach the desired goals and more. All levels are very different, you can not only maneuver between obstacles, but also among a herd of bulls.
Sky Punks free game, because the presence of Donata obvious. You can spend money on boosts, new riders and the energy that is spent on each trip.
Design of the game may seem rather simple, but everything is done in the style of Rovio - simple and tasteful. Gameplay diluted comics and cinematics. Sky Punks perfectly responds, no brakes, in general, it is a pleasure to play.


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