System utilities for Android free download

  • Winulator


    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Dan Aloni
    Year: 2012
    Version: 1.12
    Winulator is a good program that allows you to run older programs to Windows on tablets os android.

  • Step-by-step installation ClockworkMod Recovery CWM Thor

    Step-by-step installation ClockworkMod Recovery CWM Thor

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Interphaze...
    Year: 2013
    Version: 1.7.1
    This program will allow You to begin to set off. and not off. firmware, which were developed on the basis of the official. To use the program only You can solve!

    ATTENTION! Definitely make a Backup copy of the sections of Your...
  • LuckyPatcher / Patcher for good luck

    LuckyPatcher / Patcher for good luck

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Not specified
    Year: 2014
    Version: 2.6.8
    LuckyPatcher / Patcher on luck — just the necessary applications for any device on android. This program can bypass the verification of the market on the authenticity of purchase and can run games and applications requiring Internet, even without his prese
  • HoneyBar Russian

    HoneyBar Russian

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Not specified
    Year: 2012
    Version: 1.0.5
    HoneyBar is a good app that will hide your bottom bar, if you he so strongly prevents, for example, during the long movies or games. After his imminent hide the application will be deployed already in full screen on your tablet and you simply will not...
  • Panel for Quick Settings:the Quick Settings Panel for

    Panel for Quick Settings:the Quick Settings Panel for

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Not specified
    Version: 1.0
  • Dead Pixel Test

    Dead Pixel Test

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Not specified
    Version: 2.0
    Dead Pixel Test — this application, with the help of which you'll be able to simply check the screen of your tablet availability of all, bad pixel. The principle of operation of this application is very simple: the application lights absolutely all pix
  • Desktop VisualizeR

    Desktop VisualizeR

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Bii, Inc
    Year: 2014
    Desktop VisualizeR 1.2.4 this is a very powerful program,shortly allowing you to easily replace all standard icons labels on all your programs. Icons so you can create your own as .png file,just use other applications, or to download from the market...
  • Wizz Bar

    Wizz Bar

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: SnowBEE
    Year: 2012
    Version: 1.2
    The programme for the quick access to all your applications. Create it with it all the shortcuts you need an application and you soon will be able in most any time simply by clicking the middle of the bottom of a working part of your screen to get to the...
  • ROM Manager getting root

    ROM Manager getting root

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: ClockworkMod
    Year: 2011
    ROM Manager (Premium) is an application for any superuser. In short a great accessory for owners of any device on the Android
    This program is able:
    To do a system backup;
    Supports firmware recovery (Custom Recovery);
    Download flash...
  • ER Explorer (File Manager) for Android

    ER Explorer (File Manager) for Android

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: EasyApps...
    Year: 2014
    Version: 1.4.5
    ER Explorer(File Manager) is a compact, fast and simple file Manager, which is great for mobile phones and tablets on a basis of OS Android.

    ● easily be managed through the file browser of your smartphone by phone or tablet;
  • Universal Androot

    Universal Androot

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Not specified
    Year: 2013
    Version: 1.6.2 Beta6
    Universal AndRoot will allow you to obtain root privileges on the gadgets, are managed by the system Android. The only drawback of the application is a small base of devices to which the application can open the right.
  • Unified Remote Full

    Unified Remote Full

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Unified...
    Year: 2013
    Version: Зависит от устройства
    the Program Unified Remote Full will help to turn your Android phone into a remote control for your computer, using WiFi or Bluetooth.

  • GO SMS Pro

    GO SMS Pro

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: GO Dev Team
    Year: 2013
    Version: 5.24
    GO SMS Pro — full replacement of the application to work with SMS, faster and functional, with good interface, styles chat/list, pop-up messages, save/restore, schedule, encryption, black list, folders, wide range of topics, lots of settings; Includes almo
  • Keep Screen ON PRO

    Keep Screen ON PRO

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: AndroidHD
    Year: 2013
    Version: 1.4
    Keep Screen ON PRO is an innovative application for tablets Android. It provides an unusual way to save the battery of your device. When using this application, the screen is switched on when the device is taken in hand and off as just put it on the...
  • Flashlight / Tiny Flashlight

    Flashlight / Tiny Flashlight

    Category: Utilities
    Developer: Nikolay...
    Year: 2012
    Version: 4.7
    Flashlight / Tiny Flashlightt — a very effective and convenient utility for android tablets to turn your tablet in a large flashlight. If your tablet there is a flash it can also be used as a backlight. When using the screen as lighting, You have the choic