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  • North


    Rating: +872
    North — a wonderful book of the universe Metro 2033, author Andrew Butorina. The only novel, which departed from the stamps, acquired during the years of the project Metro. There will be no neo-fascists or communists or underground inhabitants, no big citi
  • dream Catcher

    dream Catcher

    Rating: +3216
    Dreamcatcher — one of the best novels of Stephen King, which was published in 2001 and in 2003 received the filming. A story about four childhood friends who, twenty years later is not lost each other and occasionally go hunting together. But they share so
  • Reserve


    Rating: +1081
    no Wonder Edimburgo didn't want to go on boring police Colloquium in London. There he began this risky game of TIC-TAC-toe — the game is not on life and death. Terrible discovery before sinister Highgate cemetery and stories of Danglars about Highgate
  • King Stephen - It

    King Stephen - It

    Rating: +3256
    In the small provincial town of Derry many years ago seven teenagers had to face utter horror — the living embodiment of hell. Years passed… Teenagers have grown up, and nothing seemed to promise a new disaster. But the nightmare of the past came back unkn
  • Inferno


    Rating: +1208
    «Seek and ye shall find. 
    Sounds in my head of a prominent Professor of symbology at Harvard Robert Langdon, as soon as he wakes up in a hospital bed, not knowing where he is and how I got here. Also, can explain the origin of the mysterious object,
  • The Keeper of the sun, or the rituals of the Apocalypse

    The Keeper of the sun, or the rituals of the Apocalypse

    Rating: +726
    Brian D. Amato «the Keeper of the sun, or the rituals of the Apocalypse» — the Mayan Civilization, in its development unavailable at the time predicted the end of the world. Djed de Landa, the main character decides to save mankind, risking to be transferr
  • Game of thrones. Book 1

    Game of thrones. Book 1

    Rating: +1754
    "the Game of thrones” – this is a harsh land of eternal cold and happy land of eternal summer. This is the legend of lords and heroes, warriors and mages, the killers and the warlocks, which brought together the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. Thi
  • Keepers of the Rings

    Keepers of the Rings

    Rating: +540
    Fellowship of the Ring — the beginning of the cult trilogy J. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. From 1955 to the present day, the book lists headed by religious works. We find ourselves in a wonderful place called the Shire where the hobbits live. Bilbo Beg
  • From the Dust Returned

    From the Dust Returned

    Rating: +603
    From the Dust Returned — a novel which was written from 1945 to 2000, the American writer Ray Bredbiri. The book tells the story of a family of Elliot. Initially, a novel consisted of six separate stories, which were published by one. Only in 2001, the nov
  • Before I fall

    Before I fall

    Rating: +4392
    Suppose you have done something very bad, but realized too late, when nothing can change. Suppose you still have a chance to make amends, and you try again, again and again, but each time something does not work, and this leads you into desperation. This...
  • Diary of a guardian angel

    Diary of a guardian angel

    Rating: +1767
    When Margo Delacroix died, having reached the age of forty, she did not expect that a Higher power will send it back to Earth, in the past, so that it was his own guardian angel. Margo will be forced to relive their biggest mistakes and feel very bitter...
  • George Martin: a Song of Ice and Fire

    George Martin: a Song of Ice and Fire

    Rating: +850
    Cruel epic Saga of Jordan Martin is considered excellent work in the genre of fantasy. But slightly reminiscent of the historical novel. Great book, where in the struggle for the throne of the wolf and the lion can be hooked into the throat!
    In the...
  • A complete collection of books Metro 2033 [fb2]

    A complete collection of books Metro 2033 [fb2]

    Rating: +2090
    2033 Hodges world lies in ruins. Humanity is almost completely destroyed. Moscow has turned into a Ghost town, poisoned by radiation and populated with monsters. Few survivors hiding in the Moscow metro – the largest nuclear bomb shelter on earth. His stat
  • Murder - 2

    Murder - 2

    Rating: +676
    At the memorial cemetery in Copenhagen found dead woman-lawyer. Murder strange, very similar to the ritual, the more that the memorial was created on the place, where, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, the Germans executed the heroes of the...
  • Books Mass Effect [doc, pdf]

    Books Mass Effect [doc, pdf]

    Rating: +212
    Those who love the game — Mass Effect post a series of books in which the continuation of the exciting adventures that happened in the game. You have to be at the other end of the galaxy for that would start a war with the bloodthirsty enemies and save the
  • 47 Ronin

    47 Ronin

    Rating: +152
    The plot of the novel has laid down folk giving Japan. The protagonist — Kai. He came to the defense of the world of the strange and frightening forest demons. Society does not want him to recognize and reject calling mongrel. He became an outcast, but tha
  • Hitler. Story hour

    Hitler. Story hour

    Rating: +676
    Adolf Hitler — a dark figure, a symbol of the bloody era. On it were written hundreds of books, filmed a lot of movies, his life is studied up and down, up to the slightest of his stride. But the answers leads only to more questions. Doubt has been subject
  • When the shoes are not too tight

    When the shoes are not too tight

    Rating: +319
    Osho aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, enlightened master of esotericism, trying to convey his ideas of joy and love. But not everyone is ready to accept and be really happy. When the shoes are not too tight — esoteric book that will help you look deeper into yo
  • Running with Wolves

    Running with Wolves

    Rating: +324
    Running with Wolves — book author Clarissa Estis for several years occupy a leading position in the world ranking of books. It has been translated into twenty-five languages. The book is dedicated to the female archetypes. Clarissa Estis over twenty years
  • conversion


    Rating: +136
    Conversion — novella written by Franz Kafka in 1912. Main character name is Gregor Samsa, he salesman who brings the main income in the family. One morning discovers that turned into a huge beetle. In characteristic manner, not Kafka says that preceded it.