• Reserve


    Rating: +1081
    no Wonder Edimburgo didn't want to go on boring police Colloquium in London. There he began this risky game of TIC-TAC-toe — the game is not on life and death. Terrible discovery before sinister Highgate cemetery and stories of Danglars about Highgate
  • Murder - 2

    Murder - 2

    Rating: +676
    At the memorial cemetery in Copenhagen found dead woman-lawyer. Murder strange, very similar to the ritual, the more that the memorial was created on the place, where, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, the Germans executed the heroes of the...
  • Books Mass Effect [doc, pdf]

    Books Mass Effect [doc, pdf]

    Rating: +212
    Those who love the game — Mass Effect post a series of books in which the continuation of the exciting adventures that happened in the game. You have to be at the other end of the galaxy for that would start a war with the bloodthirsty enemies and save the
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Rating: +256
    Harry Potter is waiting for the worst test in life — a deadly battle with Volan de Mort. Wait for help from anyone — Harry alone than ever… Friends and foes Harry appear in a completely unexpected light. The boundary between good and evil becomes more illu
  • The Confession Of The Beast

    The Confession Of The Beast

    Rating: +609
    Area lives according to the laws of the jungle — survival of the fittest, but everyone finds acceptable balance of kindness and cruelty. Maxim Zverev, nicknamed the Beast, who had been imprisoned by the sectarians, he begins to live on animal laws. The kil
  • How to kill a rock star

    How to kill a rock star

    Rating: +18
    This is the story of Eliza Silom, young musical browser, and Paul Hudson. a talented songwriter and leader of the group ’Bananafish». To become a true rock star, he is forced to fight it ’s musical pagans and meaningless pop savages», with Winkle – manager
  • Bay Of Havana

    Bay Of Havana

    Rating: +169
    «Dashing» nineties. The investigator Renko receives unexpected news from Cuba — his old friend Colonel Pribluda in danger. On the banks of the Havana Bay Renko refuses to believe that it was too late… Around — indifference, hatred ’younger brothers» on the
  • Gregor and the code claw

    Gregor and the code claw

    Rating: +103
    Famous American writer Susan Collins, the author of the hunger games, wrote a series about the amazing adventures of Gregor Ground, creating atmospheric and very memorable world. Residents deepholm carefully guarded Gregor from the last prophecy Time: too...
  • No country for old place

    No country for old place

    Rating: +141
    for the First time in Russian — the famous novel by Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer prize 2007 (for his novel "Road"), Makarturov scholarships ’genius», and a modern American classic main battery, master of difficult experiences and non-standard s
  • The book " Mother's necklace"

    The book " Mother's necklace"

    Rating: +178
    More recently, a woman in the Zone was considered nonsense. But now everything has changed. Today, thanks to the fact that the feathers of the authors constantly break stereotypes, and among the masters of these pens are increasingly seen female names, we...
  • Timothy Zahn - Ghost of the past

    Timothy Zahn - Ghost of the past

    Rating: +72
    a long time ago in a distant galaxy… More than nineteen years ago, the battle was over when Javine. The Empire was on the verge of death. But she still has a chance at salvation in the form of Admiral Pellaeon. The new Republic was plunged into a bloody se
  • Azazel


    Rating: +315
    «Azazel” — the first novel of the series about the extraordinary detective Erast Fandorin. He was only twenty years old, but he is lucky, fearless, noble and attractive. Young Erast Petrovich serve in the police Department, on duty and in my heart to inves
  • A new uprising

    A new uprising

    Rating: +27
    a long time ago in a distant Galaxy…
    Grand shock in Force snatched Luke Skywalker and Princess Parking from the routine Affairs of the New Republic. Such a shock could occur only in the case if somewhere in the Galaxy unexpectedly lost millions of li
  • Rogues


    Rating: +24
    Han Solo could rest on our laurels. After all, self-assured the smuggler and the captain "Millennium Falcon» played a key role in the daring RAID on “the death Star», the death which was the first serious blow against the Empire in its war with the Al
  • The last flight of Progress

    The last flight of Progress

    Rating: +100
    41 century. Humanity captured most of the galaxy, koloniaal suitable for colonizing a planet, simultaneously destroying the indigenous population of the less developed worlds. The Commissioner-General of St. Andrew's, head peaceful expedition...
  • Star Wars: Unbridled power

    Star Wars: Unbridled power

    Rating: +43
    Action, described in the novel, is developing between the events of III and IV episodes. The story is about the apprentice of Darth Vader — Galena Marek code name «Starkiller», a destroying the Jedi, survived after the execution of an Order 66. Affected al
  • The hunger games

    The hunger games

    Rating: +603
    the Book is a sensation, who headed 21 bestseller list and won numerous literary awards. These guy and girl familiar since childhood and can still love each other, but they have become enemies… By lot shall be involved in a terrible "Hungry games»wher
  • Legends Zone

    Legends Zone

    Rating: +241
    tales of the ancients taught and warned descendants, but what will learn Stalker who heard one of the countless legends Zone? Is prudent, and he spit on the cursed earth, will go back home? As experience of the old-timers do not. Even leaving soon...
  • James Fenimore Cooper - Red Corsair

    James Fenimore Cooper - Red Corsair

    Rating: +298
    Red Corsair — this is one of the most famous sea novels legendary classics of American literature F. Cooper, he was created in the beginning of 1827. The hero of the novel, the smuggler and the pirate, is challenging in the face of a powerful military flee