Books in the genre of fantasy, fentezi free download

  • North


    Rating: +872
    North — a wonderful book of the universe Metro 2033, author Andrew Butorina. The only novel, which departed from the stamps, acquired during the years of the project Metro. There will be no neo-fascists or communists or underground inhabitants, no big...
  • dream Catcher

    dream Catcher

    Rating: +3218
    Dreamcatcher — one of the best novels of Stephen King, which was published in 2001 and in 2003 received the filming. A story about four childhood friends who, twenty years later is not lost each other and occasionally go hunting together. But they share...
  • King Stephen - It

    King Stephen - It

    Rating: +3258
    In the small provincial town of Derry many years ago seven teenagers had to face utter horror — the living embodiment of hell. Years passed… Teenagers have grown up, and nothing seemed to promise a new disaster. But the nightmare of the past came back...
  • Game of thrones. Book 1

    Game of thrones. Book 1

    Rating: +1754
    "the Game of thrones” – this is a harsh land of eternal cold and happy land of eternal summer. This is the legend of lords and heroes, warriors and mages, the killers and the warlocks, which brought together the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy....
  • Keepers of the Rings

    Keepers of the Rings

    Rating: +539
    Fellowship of the Ring — the beginning of the cult trilogy J. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. From 1955 to the present day, the book lists headed by religious works. We find ourselves in a wonderful place called the Shire where the hobbits live. Bilbo...
  • From the Dust Returned

    From the Dust Returned

    Rating: +603
    From the Dust Returned — a novel which was written from 1945 to 2000, the American writer Ray Bredbiri. The book tells the story of a family of Elliot. Initially, a novel consisted of six separate stories, which were published by one. Only in 2001, the...
  • A complete collection of books Metro 2033 [fb2]

    A complete collection of books Metro 2033 [fb2]

    Rating: +2090
    2033 Hodges world lies in ruins. Humanity is almost completely destroyed. Moscow has turned into a Ghost town, poisoned by radiation and populated with monsters. Few survivors hiding in the Moscow metro – the largest nuclear bomb shelter on earth. His...
  • conversion


    Rating: +136
    Conversion — novella written by Franz Kafka in 1912. Main character name is Gregor Samsa, he salesman who brings the main income in the family. One morning discovers that turned into a huge beetle. In characteristic manner, not Kafka says that preceded...
  • Master of the winds and sunsets

    Master of the winds and sunsets

    Rating: +210
    Master of the winds and sunsets — Max Frei is a pen name of two great authors — Igor Stepin and Svetlana Martynchik. In a series of stories they tell about a young man who suddenly changes his life, agreed to the proposal of a new acquaintance of his...
  • Fahrenheit 451

    Fahrenheit 451

    Rating: +906
    Fahrenheit 451 — a fantastic novel by the author Ray Bredbiri, published in 1953, brought him worldwide fame. The book became an international bestseller, and descends from the shelves to this day, winning millions of readers. 451 ° F — the temperature of...
  • future


    Rating: +359
    The long-awaited novel Utopia — "The Future" the fantastic, after five years of silence. Information about the novel appeared in May 2012, in June, the novel began to publish excerpts in the social. network VKontakte. In 2013, the novel appeared...
  • Endangered species

    Endangered species

    Rating: +108
    the Original novel Kathy Hapka based on the scenario of the famous television series created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J. Abrams. The Abramson and Diamonon the Lindelof, who received the award ’Emmy» in the category «Best drama».

    Airliner next...
  • Hoar knight

    Hoar knight

    Rating: +123
    the action Itself is the most voluminous fresh Saga in the popular fantasy genre is happening in the Seven Kingdoms, there has shifted seasons. The first book ’ s a story about a terrible conspiracy three famous collections, in order to overthrow the mad...
  • A dance with dragons

    A dance with dragons

    Rating: +111
    «Dancing dragons» long since called in the Seven Kingdoms war. But now the war including the new earth. War is rolling from the North — from behind the Wall. The war was coming from the West — from the Islands. War is plotting the South, hoping to sit on...
  • A storm of swords

    A storm of swords

    Rating: +196
    Before you ’ s famous epic "a Song of ice and fire». Epic, chased the Saga of the world's Seven Kingdoms. About the world harsh lands eternal cold and happy land of eternal summer. About the world of dangerous adventures, the subtlest of...
  • The vultures feast

    The vultures feast

    Rating: +67
    In Vasteras the war continues and the related turmoil.
    He lost his father, who in fact was the ruler of sersey in the role of Regent when his underage son, trying to keep in their hands sole authority over the country. She quarrels with everyone who...
  • Commander Grimes

    Commander Grimes

    Rating: +189
    Bertram Chandler was born in England, made a brilliant career in the Navy and went to Australia, continued its ’marine activities» there — and was the author of forty science fiction novels and more than two hundred short stories and novels — paintings,...
  • The kidnappers artifacts

    The kidnappers artifacts

    Rating: +435
    “the reason is that postapocalyptic should be dark and depressive. While living people, they will laugh at themselves and above the surrounding reality, even if the reality of this is coming to an end», — so consider compiler and authors, perhaps, the...
  • Being a creature

    Being a creature

    Rating: +212
    All my life I have to lie. And not because I want it, but because it is necessary. Rather, I exist, and neither live, or drag your miserable existence. All people lie, but only for their benefit, and I do it only in order to survive. I Incubus. And...
  • I am legend

    I am legend

    Rating: +551
    the history of the last person in the world where people are turned into vampires and nights like a zombie, wander in search of food, occasionally devouring each other. Robert Neville, whose only hope and memories, trying to understand the nature of...