• Before I fall

    Before I fall

    Rating: +4393
    Suppose you have done something very bad, but realized too late, when nothing can change. Suppose you still have a chance to make amends, and you try again, again and again, but each time something does not work, and this leads you into desperation. This...
  • Diary of a guardian angel

    Diary of a guardian angel

    Rating: +1767
    When Margo Delacroix died, having reached the age of forty, she did not expect that a Higher power will send it back to Earth, in the past, so that it was his own guardian angel. Margo will be forced to relive their biggest mistakes and feel very bitter...
  • Paris on the plate

    Paris on the plate

    Rating: +441
    Stephen downs, one of the most famous restaurant critics Australia, returns to twelve days in Paris, city of lights and restaurants to check out — rightfully do so famous French cuisine. What he learned and opened again for yourself? About it it...
  • Daria Doncova - False teeth tiger
  • Fifty Shades of freedom

    Fifty Shades of freedom

    Rating: +801
    The third volume of the bestselling EL James reduces the overall degree of eroticism entire trilogy. Come to the fore feelings. Millionaire Christian Gray and his young bride first, and then the wife Anastacia jointly cope with pain, fear, frustration....
  • How to lose friends & make everyone hate you

    How to lose friends & make everyone hate you

    Rating: +102
    the True story of the most famous loser America! The whole truth about this gentleman, who tried to conquer new York.
    In five years, he was kicked out of all the glossy magazines…
    He became a person of nongrata all the bars and...
  • Cannon outfit

    Cannon outfit

    Rating: +107
    You will be able to meet with a skilled doctor and a brave warrior, our contemporary Yuri Kozhin.Plastic surgery with Venice, a collision with a roving gang of fellow countrymen in Naples, pirate captivity and meeting with Peter the Great, participation...
  • One day

    One day

    Rating: +976
    Emma and Dexter accidentally met at the graduation party. They met not in order never to part, and so tomorrow to leave and start a new adult life. Each — his. What will happen with them next year? And in two? Three, seven… twenty? Roman David Nichols —...
  • Download the book At the fifty shades darker on the tablet free

    Download the book At the fifty shades darker on the tablet free

    Rating: +2054
    «fifty shades darker” – the second book of the trilogy e L James ’Fifty shades», which became the # 1 best-seller in the world, having won the readers honesty and sensuality.
  • Eat, pray, love

    Eat, pray, love

    Rating: +680
    To thirty years from Elizabeth Gilbert was everything you could wish for modern, educated, ambitious woman — her husband, country house, a successful career, but… after divorce, depression, and another love failed, she understands that her previous ideas...
  • Download the book the Girl who blew up castles in the air

    Download the book the Girl who blew up castles in the air

    Rating: +147
    Liesbeth Salander decides to take revenge on their enemies. Not only the criminal elements seeking to her death, but the government, which a few years ago, nearly destroyed her life. And still it is necessary to leave the hospital, where she was kept...