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  • Inferno


    Rating: +1212
    «Seek and ye shall find. 
    Sounds in my head of a prominent Professor of symbology at Harvard Robert Langdon, as soon as he wakes up in a hospital bed, not knowing where he is and how I got here. Also, can explain the origin of the mysterious object,...
  • Rita Hayworth, or the Shawshank redemption

    Rita Hayworth, or the Shawshank redemption

    Rating: +146
    Scary dream became reality...the Story of an innocent man, sentenced to life imprisonment in prison adorada story of survival where to survive almost nevozmojnosti the story of escape from where not managed to escape no one...Read one of the most famous...
  • Empire of the angels

    Empire of the angels

    Rating: +266
    the World best seller! Worldwide, the name Bernard Werber on the book cover means only one thing — a masterpiece! On account of the writer seven novels, which became a bestseller in Europe, America and Japan. "Empire of the angels" — one of the...