Study Books

  • The end of the world: first up

    The end of the world: first up

    Rating: +171
    Frederic Beigbeder has long defended the traditional paper books, beginning their struggle against the breathtaking whole world of e-reader. For this reason, the writer has compiled a list of masterpieces among the works written in the XX century, which,...
  • Easy English

    Easy English

    Rating: +597
    Easy English - Popular self-instruction manual is intended for anyone who aims consistently and meaningfully to learn English. The manual is written in a lively manner, replete spoken models. At the end of the provided answers to all jobs. The reference se
  • The twelve chairs

    The twelve chairs

    Rating: +205
    I. Ilf and E. Petrov has completed the novel " Twelve chairs» in 1928, but even before the first publication censors pretty cut, "cleaned». Edit lasted from edition to edition of ten years. In the end, the book has decreased almost by one third.
  • Photography. Universal self explanatory

    Photography. Universal self explanatory

    Rating: +167
    the Book is devoted to the theory and practice of photography. The author reveals the secrets of photography, which not depend on prices on the camera. He demonstrates how the laws of composition and light, the effect on the result of the work of the...
  • English with mark TWAIN. The Prince and the pauper

    English with mark TWAIN. The Prince and the pauper

    Rating: +154
    This children's book, the plot of which is taken from the medieval English history, written by American classics of the XIX century. Mark TWAIN surprisingly subtle stylized English language of Old England. After this book will be easier to move to...
  • Psychology of emotions. I know how you feel

    Psychology of emotions. I know how you feel

    Rating: +761
    That plays a crucial role in managing behavior? That is read by individuals and determines the quality of our lives? What is the basis of effective communication? What we experience from early childhood? On all these questions the answer one — emotions. Em