Tablets catalogue

  • ASUS Nexus 7 II

    ASUS Nexus 7 II

    Besides the reference smartphones produced by third-party brands under the patronage of Google, the company a year ago, he decided to invade and in the segment of tablets. And in the same category seven-inch devices that ’ s amazing coincidence – then came the infamous Apple of what we all already know.

  • Hyundai HT-10G

    Hyundai HT-10G

    Now the production of tablet PCs decided to do and the company’Hyundai. Recently, the South Korean company presented three models of new tablets. 

  • Samsung Galaxy 3

    Samsung Galaxy 3

    the Model Samsung Galaxy Tab 3  performed well in recognizable corporate style, typical of all new smartphones and tablets the Galaxy series. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1

    Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1

    a New tablet that Samsung has presented at the beginning of the year, made from polycarbonate, relatively thin and light, but not too strong. 

  • Microsoft Surface RT 64Gb

    Microsoft Surface RT 64Gb

    For the tablet PC market today is dominated by models which work on the Android platform. It's hard to find a decent alternative to Windows OS. 


  •  Lenovo IdeaTab S6000

    Lenovo IdeaTab S6000

    New tablet computer Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 comes  in two versions: with 3G and without it. The versions are slightly different processors. 

  • HP SlateBook

    HP SlateBook

    HP SlateBook — this is a new universal hybrid tablet 2 in 1 combines lightness and compactness of the tablet and notebook performance

  • Dell Venue 7

    Dell Venue 7

    last month, the company’Dell presented a new line of tablets Venue, which work on the Intel platform Android.

  • ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10

    ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10

    Despite the high competition in the market of tablet computers, ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 deserves scrutiny.

  • ASUS MeMO Pad 10

    ASUS MeMO Pad 10

    in recent years, tablets from Chinese manufacturers have flooded the market. They combine good performance and attractive price, but most of them can not boast of a real quality.


  • Acer A500 inside. Manual disassembly tablet!

    Acer A500 inside. Manual disassembly tablet!

    Each of you will be very interested in what is actually under the beautiful shell of the tablet. We provide you the opportunity to look at the tablet inside!

  • Surf Tablet PC TS9703T

    Surf Tablet PC TS9703T

    3Q Surf Tablet PC TS9703T — this is a good model tablet for the most active and energetic users. Powerful and good NVIDIA Tegra 2, podoleanu operating system called Android 2.2, provide excellent, instant speed processing of all information and access to the most popular and high quality applications. Compact and lightweight for its weight (730 grams) 3Q Surf Tablet PC TS9703T will soon become indispensable in all circumstances — on the road, at home and at work.

  • Surf Tablet PC TN1002T

    Surf Tablet PC TN1002T

    Tablet called 3Q Surf Tablet PC TN1002T well is running its real operating system called Windows 7 Home Premium and soon able to satisfy all the needs of the most demanding user. He already has such a large touch screen –with a diagonal of approximately 10.1-inch with a resolution of 1024x600, and with the support of modern technology, Multi Touch, capacious and quality battery which is enough for more than 5 hours, and several network interfaces.

  • Surf Tablet PC TU1102T 3G

    Surf Tablet PC TU1102T 3G

    the Tablet 3Q TU1102Т series Surf was built on the basis of good processor Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz.
    A distinctive feature of this, this model is only the size of its screen. This is the first model in the General market with 11.6 inch screen and a resolution of 1366 x 768 (16:9), that allows so comfortable to watch different videos, play a variety of games, reading all kinds of books, to use the Internet.

  • Surf Tablet PC TS1003T

    Surf Tablet PC TS1003T

    3Q TS1003T — this is a good model of a great and new tablet for the more active and energetic tablet users. Powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2, under the strict control of operational system Android 2.2,soon provide you instant unstoppable speed of information processing, and access to all the most popular and different applications. Compact and so light in weight ( 700 grams) TS1003Т in the future will become an irreplaceable assistant in any circumstances — on the road, at home, at work.

  • Surf Tablet PC TS1004T

    Surf Tablet PC TS1004T

    Surf Tablet PC TS1004T
    TS1004T — this is a good model of a new tablet for the most active and energetic users. Powerful processor called NVIDIA Tegra 2, running a great operating system Android 2.2,soon provide instant speed of information processing, as well as easy access to popular applications. Compact and so easy for its weight (700 grams) TS1004T will be irreplaceable assistant in any circumstances — on the road, at home or at work.

  • Iconia Tab A500

    Iconia Tab A500

    the ICONIA Tab A500 in any case, even should not be taken just as the ‘another tablet». Too many striking differences between him and all those models, which are filled now large store shelves. ICONIA Tab A500 is a tablet is a completely new generation and has little in common with all similar form-factor devices.

  • Iconia Tab A501

    Iconia Tab A501

    the Iconia Tab A501 —this is a good 10.1-inch tablet, created for obtaining of a maximum of pleasure from simple work with different digital content,or multimedia, games and more for web surfing.

    Thin,so clever and full of innovative features,good Acer tablet Iconia Tab Aim is based on a completely new operating system, Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), equipped by screen a diagonal of 10.1 inches with very high resolution,high color contrast and wide viewing angles.

  • Iconia Tab A100

    Iconia Tab A100

    the Iconia Tab A100 —this is a brand new 7-inch tablet, which soon offers outstanding mobility in combination with many,just incredibly high performance. The Iconia Tab A100 will soon become an indispensable assistant for those who like to play different games, to communicate in all sorts of social networks or browse simply multimedia content on the go

  • Iconia Tab W500

    Iconia Tab W500

    the Iconia Tab W500 soon is a new and innovative solution:this is a beautiful tablet and classic laptop just in a single device. Thanks to its docking stations with full sized keyboard and multi-touch screen with a diagonal of 10.1 inches and as usual Windows.
    It has a convenient user interface.